Each year, Kaufman Container enters packages into special competitions in various industries. Custom packaging by Kaufman Container designed for a line of Williams-Sonoma productsThroughout the year, we will update our nominations on this page. Some of the awards we are very proud of are listed below: 

  • 2020 NACD Gold (Drug & Pharmaceutical): These tubes were designed for Beach House Group for their Oral Care product line, "Moon". We are honored to announce that this package took home the Gold in the Drug & Pharmaceutical category.
  • 2020 NACD Silver (Personal Care): These bottles designed for Sun Bum for their new Baby Bum product line. We are honored to announce that this package took home the Silver in the Personal Care category.
  • 2020 NACD Bronze (Food): The customer was looking to expand into the retail food market and was interested in LDPE squeeze bottles for their peanut butter spread.
  • 2018 NACD Bronze (Beverage): RockFilter Distillery: The customer was looking for a simple glass liquor bottle that would showcase their organic, home-grown whiskeys. Extremely family orientated, it was crucial for the brand to emphasize the importance of family throughout their entire product line.

Other Awards include:


Kaufman Container employers accepting awards at the NACD