About Kaufman - History

Exterior photo of Kaufman Container headquarters in Cleveland, OH

For the past 100 years, Kaufman Container has been a leader in the North American market in providing quality and innovative packaging components and value-added services. From our beginning, our focus has always been on giving our customers exactly what they are looking for. Kaufman Container continues to be your "One Stop Shop" for all your packaging needs.

  • 1910 - L.S. Kaufman & Sons is founded by Elizer Kaufman
  • 1948 - Elizer Kaufman sells the company to Bernard Seid and Sidney Kaufman.
  • 1964 - Bernard Seid becomes sole owner and CEO. Company name is changed to Kaufman Container
  • 1982 - Kaufman Container opens its special service division in Cleveland, Ohio
  • 1984 - Kaufman becomes licensee for Viscose "Wet Bands"
  • 1995: Ken Slater is named President of Kaufman Container and Roger Seid remains CEO
  • 1999 - Ken Slater and Roger Seid purchase Twin City Bottle, a similar operation to KCC, located in Minneapolis, MN but continue to operate as a separate company.
  • 2006 - Kaufman Container relocates headquarters to 1000 Keystone Parkway, Suite 100 in Cleveland, OH - combining two facilities under one roof. The new location has increased warehouse and decorating space, and allows for a more efficient means of operating our business. 
  • 2010 – Kaufman Container celebrates 100 years in business. 
  • 2015 – Kaufman Container relocates its Minneapolis branch to a new 50M square foot building in Fridley Minnesota.
  • 2020 - Sara Blankenship takes over as President of Kaufman ContainerExterior photo of Kaufman Container offices in Minnesota

Today, Kaufman Container continues to be a privately held, family owned business which operates two key facilities in the Midwest. We offer a wide variety of products and services, warehousing, quality and technical support, logistics assistance and an in-house decorating facility. 

 Celebrating over a Century of Service!