2018 NACD Silver Award Winner: Gourmet Nut

While attending the National Association of Container Distributors convention, Kaufman Container was recognized for winning 4 prestigious awards. One of the awards includes this package designed for Gourmet Nut that took home the bronze in the food category.

For the new launch of Gourmet Nut’s Modern Mill Salad Toppers & Seasonings, we worked very close with both the design firm and label manufacturer.
Knowing the finished package was going to be shrink labeled, multiple steps were necessary when designing the labels. We initially did grid sampling and once the customer finalized the graphics, we ran a gray scaled version of one of their items. This allowed for us to see how the artwork would look on the bottles once we applied the shrink labeling to them. Once that step was approved, we went into the production of the labels.
The initial launch included 3 SKU’s for the salad toppers. While most of the competition utilizes bags, we helped Gourmet Nut differentiate their products by sourcing a bottle & closure combination that would be aesthetically appealing. This particular bottle was a mold by the manufacturer, but was never previously run. We were the first company to partner with the manufacturer to get this bottle shape into the market with Gourmet Nut. The 400 ml PET bottle has a very nice pinch waist design, while the 53-400 PP spice style dispensing closure contains a large enough opening to allow the consumer to pour out the product. 
The seasoning line launched with 13 different SKU’s and provides excellent shelf presence. The 325 ml PET bottle and 38 mm black grinder are both imported from South Africa and then are warehoused for the customer in the United States. These clear PET bottles are sleek and tall providing an elegant look to the consumer. 
The customer is extremely satisfied with how both product lines came together and will be launching into two of the largest food retailers in 2018.