2017 Customer Service Award

Last week, Smart Business Magazine presented Kaufman Container with a Customer Service Award. We are one of 24 companies in the Cleveland area that were honored for this great achievement.

Led by Valarie Kelly, who serves as Kaufman’s sales coordinator and customer service manager, the company is responsible for maintaining inventory programs, purchasing from suppliers and coordinating its value-added services.

Kaufman Container works in teams with its salespeople to continually build customer relationships. It is in building those relationships that the company is able to work with the buyers and guide them to a more productive way of doing business.

Kaufman looks for strong individuals who are able to establish and maintain good relationships with a diverse customer base. They must be organized and efficient to manage multiple customers and projects simultaneously.

The company currently has more than 2,800 customers that are maintained by 10 customer service coordinators. Additionally, Kaufman Container works with more than 200 suppliers who are utilized to help customers get exactly what they are looking for. We are very humbled to receive this great award.


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