2020 NACD Gold Award Winner: Moon Oral Care

Although The National Association of Container Distributors convention was cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19, Kaufman Container was still recognized for winning 3 prestigious awards. One of the award-winning packages includes these tubes designed for Beach House Group for their Oral Care product line, "Moon". We are honored to announce that this elegant package took home the GOLD in the Drug & Pharmaceutical category.

Our customer came to us looking to launch a new oral care line called Moon. When it came to packaging, they didn’t want a standard toothpaste tube, but instead wanted something unique and high-end. The customer fell in love when we presented them with a premium soft touch option as they knew the tube would sell itself once a consumer picked it up in the store. In order to supply a tube with premium soft touch, we chose a PP black tube that would be in-mold labeled. The word MOON is printed vertically and puts the finishing touches on this elegant and upscale looking package.

The whitening toothpastes have launched in 3 different sku’s with each sku being unique. The first is a fluoride-free activated charcoal toothpaste in a lunar peppermint flavor. The second is a stain removal toothpaste that is also fluoride-free and lunar peppermint flavor. The final product is a whitening anti-cavity toothpaste with fluoride in a fresh mint flavor.

Backed by celebrity personality, Kendall Jenner, this brand has really taken off and is growing rapidly. They have expanded to launch a whitening pen and have many other products in mind for the future.

Award Winning Toothpaste