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Kaufman Container is a leading bulk plastic container supplier based the United States. Since 1910, our packaging experts have helped clients with their specific packaging and bottle printing needs. We can provide both stock and custom packaging solutions in addition to providing a variety of bottle decorating services. We have clients from every industry including Personal Care, Food, Beverage, Household Chemical and more! To discuss your project in detail, give our friendly team a call at 800-824-4119. 

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Plastic Container Options

As a wholesale packaging supplier, we provide a vast array of plastic containers, plastic bottles and plastic jars.  Our selection ranges from industry standards such as plastic Boston rounds and plastic spray bottles to customized plastic containers including liter HDPE plastic bottles and Drainback detergent bottles. In addition, we stock plastic containers in almost every plastic resin including PET, PETG, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC and more! If you are unable to find your ideal package, we’ll source the product through our trusted partners, or create a custom mold fit to your exact specifications. Learn more by creating your custom project



Gallon Containers

When it comes to large containers, Kaufman Container offers both glass and plastic 1 gallon containers. Whether you need the industrial gallon round container or if you are looking for a unique 1 gallon square container, we have plenty of options to choose from. 

Foamer Bottles

If you have a foaming product, Kaufman Container has a large selection of foamer bottles and dispensing pumps. Choose from a stock PET plastic oval or round foamer bottle, or ask us about our innovative EZ’R squeeze foaming bottle.

Spray Bottles

For the household and industrial chemical markets, one of the most common requests we receive is for plastic spray bottles. For small plastic spray bottles, we can provide options such as plastic cylinders with a fine mist sprayer. For larger spray bottles, we have several stock packaging components including plastic carafe bottles, and unique trigger sprayer bottles. Shop plastic spray bottles. 


Wholesale Plastic Containers for the Beauty Industry 

One of our most popular market segments we operate in is the Cosmetic and Personal Care industry. Although we partner with some of the most prominent beauty manufacturers, the majority of our beauty customers are start-ups and growing companies. Our flexibility, large stock portfolio, high-end decorating capabilities and ability to scale are some of the primary reasons why we are considered a strong partner for the industry. Some of our most popular plastic bottle options include: clear cosmo round bottles, clear Boston round bottles and white plastic cylinder bottles. To learn more, contact us directly. 

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Why Choose Kaufman Container to be your Plastic Container Supplier?

Unlike most plastic bottle manufacturers, Kaufman Container can be your one stop shop for all of your packaging needs. Plastic bottle manufacturers typically can only provide plastic bottles in one or two resins, while Kaufman Container doesn’t have those limitations. We can also supply the plastic cap and the bottle decoration to make your package stand out.

From the customer service side, you can count on Kaufman Container for support, timeliness, and responsiveness through the entire life of your project. Whether you are in the industrial chemical industry and need a custom spray bottle, or if you are in the pharmaceutical and need a packer bottle for vitamins, we are here to help. Contact us for more information!

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