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No matter what your product consists of, Kaufman Container will have the closure needed for a secure seal. Explore our extensive selection of bottle caps, closures, pumps, and sprayers to find one that fits your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a plastic screw cap, metal lid, or even a child-resistant cap, we can help! We always remind our clients that the style of closure you choose impacts not only your products but also the way your customers experience them. This is one of the many reasons that Kaufman Container provides a wide selection of bottle closures and dispensing systems.

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Choosing the Right Bottle Cap

Finding a cap that matches the neck finish of your container is only the first factor to consider when choosing a closure. The style of cap you choose will have a strong effect on consumers. Does your package leak? Does the pump or sprayer get jammed and not easily dispense the product? Which spray pattern do you want when looking at fine-mist sprayers or trigger sprayers? These are only a few of the questions you should consider when choosing the right closure.

We'll Help You Find Whatever You Need

If you can’t find the exact cap or closure you're looking for, Kaufman Container can assist you with locating it. Besides our stock offerings, we partner with 700+ vendors to supply packaging components to our customers. Our selection of caps and closures are suitable for countless industries and applications, such as beauty and personal care, food products, the automotive industry and much more. Our packaging experts can help you choose the right bottle caps, closures, pumps, and sprayers for your business's needs. We look forward to working with you on your next project!