Packaging Design and Development

Let Kaufman Container be your “one-stop” source for all your custom packaging projects. We have the knowledge and expertise to determine which sources provide the right product at the most competitive price. 

At Kaufman Container, we recognize that no two projects are alike. Our packaging design, packaging development and quality teams are ready to guide you through the technical challenges and timelines to ensure that every detail is reviewed. Each step of the way, your specific needs will be met to ensure you get the desired package for your product.packaging_design

Whether you need a component sketch, 3D model or technical drawing, we have the resources to take care of your custom projects from concept to completion. Our formal mold qualification process ensures that all components mesh together aesthetically, functionally and logistically.

If you are thinking of developing a custom bottle, our packaging design services will make your brand stand out! Contact us so we can demonstrate our "one more thing" approach.