Warehousing and Logistics

Kaufman Container has two strategic warehouses located in Cleveland, Ohio and Fridley, Minnesota. With more than 225,000 sq ft available, it allows us to stock over 300+ items, while reserving plenty of space for customer property.

We understand that numerous customers do not have the proper space required to house their inventory. This is one reason why Kaufman Container offers JIT (Just In Time) programs for our customers. We can work with you on a warehousing program to meet your company's needs.

In addition to our warehouses, Kaufman Container’s transportation department can assist you with all your logistical challenges. Whether you want to ship within the United States or from a location around the world, our traffic department has the expertise to get your product to you on time at a competitive price. Contact us today to learn more!

Kaufman Container employee handling the shipping of custom packaging in Cleveland, OH

Kaufman Container in Cleveland, OH18-wheeler at custom packaging warehouse prior to delivery