2018 NACD Bronze Award Winner: RockFilter Distillery

While attending the National Association of Container Distributors convention, Kaufman Container was recognized for winning 4 prestigious awards. One of the awards includes this package designed for RockFilter Distillery that took home the bronze in the beverage category.

For this project, the distributor worked closely with both RockFilter Distillery and their design firm. The customer was looking for a simple glass liquor bottle that would showcase their organic, home-grown whiskeys. Extremely family orientated, it was crucial for the brand to emphasize the importance of family throughout their entire product line.
The 375 ml & 750 ml bottles needed to be simple to showcase the individual uniqueness of the product. The customer initially had discussed a longer neck to allow for a more directional pour and a shoulder with more of a square profile. To highlight the organic appearance, we supplied a woodgrain Bartop closure. The outer carton is kraft in color and simply printed in black. 
In addition to the cap, the customer felt it was necessary for the label to depict an earthy feel. They wanted the print to be modern but still incorporate the generations before them that played a role in making this product line a reality. The customer’s story is actually printed on the inside of the front label and the message becomes more apparent as the product level lowers. Each individual bottle is then personalized with the employee’s signature that filled and capped the bottle, truly making this brand very unique.
Throughout the duration of the product, we sourced the bottle, Bartop closure, the printed outer cartons and also screen printed the bottles in-house. The customer and design firm worked together with our art department on the print design to make sure the design was printable and that enough room was available for the labels to be applied. In all, the product line consists of four different SKU’s in each size featuring: Fence Jumper Bourbon Whiskey, Red Rider Rye Whiskey, Giants of the Earth Bourbon Whiskey and Stone’s Throw Bourbon Whiskey.