2020 NACD Bronze Award Winner: Der Dutchman

Although The National Association of Container Distributors convention was cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19, Kaufman Container was still recognized for winning 3 prestigious awards. One of the award-winning packages includes these bottles designed for Dutch Creek Foods for their peanut butter spread. We are honored to announce that this package took home the Bronze in the Food category.

Dutch Creek Foods has been a customer we have been pursuing for years. Due to a recent upgrade in decorating equipment, 2019 proved to be the year we were successful in winning their business.

The customer was looking to expand into the retail food market and was interested in LDPE squeeze bottles for their peanut butter spread. We provided 2 different LDPE skep bottles in a 1 lb and 1.5 lb sizes in addition to screen printing in-house. Our printing process is fully automated and impressively registers multiple pass art that proved to work out nicely for these LDPE bottes. We were also able to win the closure business and we needed to be sure that the 38-400 dispensing caps we supplied would allow for the spread to come out smoothly and not clog when put into use.

One main reason Dutch Creek Foods chose this package is that the design of the closure also allowed for the bottles to be inverted on the shelves and ready for use. We both felt this helped differentiate Dutch Creek’s peanut butter from their competitors and will be easy-to-use for consumers. These products are used every day in their restaurants, and they are ready to explore growth within other retailers.