2018 NACD Bronze Award Winner: Art of Beauty

While attending the National Association of Container Distributors convention, Kaufman Container was recognized for winning 4 prestigious awards. One of the awards includes this package designed for Art of Beauty that took home the bronze in the cosmetic category.

This project was a re-stage of the Qtica line for Art of Beauty. For years they have been using natural and clear packaging but recently wanted to introduce more graphics and color into their line. 
They wanted white to be the primary color across all components. Their vision was also to replace their large retail 32 oz boston round bottle with a more modern looking jar for their lotions and soaks. We worked closely with the customer to determine if they preferred PETE or HDPE as these materials provide different appearances. Since PETE brought more shine visually, this is what the customer decided to go with. 
With the new 32 oz jar, we went with a white 89 mm jar and carefully sourced an 89 mm smooth sided closure, manufactured with a lotion pump. For the back bar size, we kept the 41 oz jar in clear since this would not be sold in the retail setting. Other sizes we introduced were 2 oz white PETE boston rounds with smooth sided disc top closures, and an 8 oz boston round with a new upscale lotion pump. 
The labels were designed with the intention to keep the same look across the product line, while changing out various images to portray the different flavors. The entire Qtica line now contains 14 fragrances of lotions, soaks, scrubs and masks in multiple sizes. When this line was finalized, there were well over 100 SKU’s that we coordinated that helped make this launch successful.