2017 NACD Bronze Award Winner: Zoya

While attending the National Association of Container Distributors convention last week, Kaufman Container was recognized for winning 3 prestigious awards. One of the awards includes this package designed for Art of Beauty that took home the bronze in the custom package category.

Art of Beauty wanted to launch their Zoya lipsticks in style, while making it convenient for their salons and retailers to display. Kaufman Container worked closely with them to turn a paper modeled concept into an actual cardboard display to present their new lipstick line. The lipstick bases are supplied and screen printed with the Zoya logo and once filled are packaged into individual cartons. The beautifully designed cardboard displays are extremely functional and unique. They were designed to house all the components making the actual display a “self shipper”. The magnetic folding door on the display allows for easy access to the components that are nicely nested into the back of the display. The first row was die-cut round to hold the lipsticks that are to be used as the “testers”. The remaining square slots were designed to hold the individually boxed lipsticks that are presented for sale. The pedestal base completes the overall design. Kaufman provided three different display sizes. A three color set that holds nine sellable lipsticks, a six color set that holds 18 lipsticks and the master set holding 12 color “testers” and a total of 72 sellable lipsticks. This is a true example of a packaging line that went from “concept to completion” fairly quickly and allowed the Zoya name to extend from nail color into the lip color market.