Child Resistant Caps

Wholesale Child Resistant Caps & Tamper Evident Closures

At Kaufman Container, we proudly supply a variety of wholesale child resistant caps and tamper evident closures to seal and protect your products that may pose a serious health risk if handled improperly. Ideal for a wide assortment of industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and household cleaning, our child resistant and tamper evident caps are available in several sizes and neck finishes ensuring you find the right fit for your product. Child resistant caps also offer reassurance to customers that their children will be safe.

Whether you need a few cases or multiple pallets, Kaufman Container can be your primary source for your child resistant closures (CRC Caps). We can supply both the pictorial or "Push down and turn" options depending on your specific needs. Looking for a plastic bottle to match your childproof cap? Browse our list of stock plastic bottles and add them to your cart for a quote!