Spout Caps and Yorker Caps

Turret Caps

Kaufman Container stocks a variety of plastic dispensing closures including turret caps. Also known in the industry as spout caps and pour spout caps, these caps have an easy to use spout that delivers accurate dispensing. When in the closed position, it provides an airtight seal preventing unwanted leaks. While they are most popular in the household and industrial chemical industry, they also can be used for automotive, personal care and pet products.

Yorker Caps

In addition to spouted turret caps, Kaufman Container is also a leading supplier for yorker caps. These dispensing caps are available with standard pre-cut orifices or uncut, which allows the user to handle the cutting based on the amount they want to dispense. Most of the yorker caps we stock come equipped with a red sealer tip, but other colors are available upon request. While these yorker caps are great for numerous industries, they tend to be used most frequently in the food and DIY crafting industry.