Mist Sprayers and Trigger Sprayers

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From large plastic spray bottles to small glass perfume bottles, Kaufman Container provides numerous styles of sprayers. Our strong partnerships in the packaging industry allow us to provide a small quantity of stock mist sprayers or create custom solutions. No matter what type of sprayer you need, Kaufman Container will be able to help. Explore our selection of sprayers, or give us a call at 800-824-4119 to speak with one of our packaging consultants.


Mist Sprayers

Although purchasing a mist sprayer sounds simple, there is a lot that goes into choosing the right one. The color, dip tube length, desired output and spray pattern are a few things to consider before purchasing. Kaufman Container offers both black fine mist sprayers and white fine mist sprayers in a variety of neck finishes. Companies who manufacture room fresheners, flea & tick sprays and other spray products could be a great fit for our mist sprayers. If you need a bottle as well, we have an extensive stock catalog of wholesale plastic spray bottles and glass bottles to choose from.


Trigger Sprayers

Trigger Sprayers are one of the most popular closure options in the packaging industry. Trigger sprayers are very customizable allowing you to customize the color of the nozzle and the trigger. There are many questions to answer before choosing a trigger sprayer. It’s crucial to know what the product is, the viscosity of it, the output and the spray pattern to name a few. If your product will be shipped on Amazon or another e-commerce outlet, we need to confirm there will be no leaking. Our trigger sprayers are commonly used for the Automotive, Home Care, Industrial Chemical and Pet/Vet industries. We suggest contacting our team directly to discuss your project.

Mini-Trigger Sprayers

In addition to providing an array of standard trigger sprayers, Kaufman Container can also provide mini-trigger sprayers. Mini-trigger sprayers have the elegant high-end look desired for products including hair products, home cleaners and room sprays. If you are interested in a mini-trigger sprayer sample, give us a call at 800-824-4119!

Other Spray Pumps

If you are looking for something new and innovative, Kaufman Container offers a variety of non-stock spray pumps. The “Heaven” and “Flairosol” spray pumps are two unique options that have a continuous spray pattern. This makes it easier for the consumer to dispense the product and creates a better user experience. These spray pumps have been very popular for room fresheners, hair products and pet products. Request a sample or give us a call today at 800-824-4119!