Plastic Bullet Bottles

Bullet Bottles: PET and HDPE Cosmo Bottles

Your premier destination, Kaufman Container, offers plastic bullet bottles designed to meet diverse packaging needs across various industries. Our plastic bullet bottles, also known as cosmo bottles or cosmo rounds, offer a versatile and practical solution for products ranging from beauty supplies to cleaning solutions. Explore why our plastic bullet bottles stand out:

  1. Material Versatility: Our plastic bullet bottles are crafted from high-quality plastic, providing a lightweight yet durable packaging solution suitable for a variety of products.
  2. Applications: From beauty and personal care items to household cleaning products, our plastic bullet bottles are designed to accommodate a wide range of formulations.
  3. Secure Packaging: The bullet-shaped design enhances the stability of the bottle, preventing tipping and ensuring secure storage and transportation of your products.
  4. Customization: All of our plastic bullet bottles can be screen printed or labeled in-house by Kaufman Container. Work with our graphic designers to design a logo that will make your product pop on store shelves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bullet Bottles:

Q: Can I order plastic bullet bottles in different colors?

A: Yes, our plastic bullet bottles come in various colors including Clear, Amber, White, Black, Green, Blue and many more!

Q: Are plastic bullet bottles suitable for beauty products?

A: Absolutely. Our plastic bullet bottles are versatile and suitable for beauty and personal care products, including lotions, shampoos, and other liquid formulations.

Q: What closure options are available for plastic bullet bottles?

A: We offer a variety of cap options for plastic bullet bottles, allowing you to choose the dispensing method that best suits your product, whether it's a flip-top cap, disc top cap, pump, or spray cap.

Q: Can I customize the color of the plastic bullet bottles?

A: Yes, you can choose from a range of colors of plastic bullet bottles and utilize our in-house silk screen printing or labeling services.

At Kaufman Container, we are dedicated to providing you with top-quality plastic bullet bottles that meet and exceed your packaging expectations. Whether you're in the beauty, cleaning, or personal care industry, our range of plastic bullet bottles ensures you find the perfect packaging solution for your products. Explore the possibilities of customizing your packaging to create a distinct brand presence in the market.