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Kaufman Container is one of the leading stock and custom packaging suppliers in the United States. Our customer portfolio includes companies from almost every industry and range from start-ups to large enterprises. We have partnered with over 700 unique suppliers to provide a wide array of packaging. If you were unable to find the item on our website, fill out a form below and we will source it for you! 

Bottles and Jars

Bottles and Jars

As a leading wholesale packaging supplier, we stock various types of glass, plastic bottles, and jars. From small glass spice jars to industrial trigger sprayer bottles, our selection is seemingly endless. If you are unable to find a specific item on our website, we will locate it for you.

Pails, Tubs & Drums

Pails, Tubs and Drums

In addition to small plastic bottles, Kaufman Container provides a great selection of large containers. Our stock catalog includes packaging such as gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, cubitainers, and 55-gallon drums. If you are in need of a custom item, reach out to our representatives for a price quote.



Tubes are one of the packaging components that are primarily custom and made-to-order. We can provide a variety of unique tube styles in different materials, shapes, colors, and sizes. Our selection includes plastic polyethylene and polypropylene tubes, aluminum tubes and laminate tubes.


Wine, Beer and Spirits

As the craft beverage industry continues to grow, we are seeing an increase in demand for wine, beer, and spirit packaging. We can provide custom liquor bottles, specialty wine bottles, beer bottles and beer growlers.

Closures & Lids

Closures and Lids

Although we stock numerous types of caps and closures, custom trigger sprayers or dispensing caps are a great way to differentiate your brand. Search our selection of closures and lids or contact us for sourcing and custom options.

Celon Bands

Shrink Bands

Our eco-friendly shrink bands are a great way to keep your products safe. You can customize your shrink bands in several ways, including custom colors and custom printing.


Decoration Only

This service is best utilized if you have already purchased your bottles or containers and you are only looking for us to decorate. Our decorating services include techniques such as screen printing, roll stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and pressure-sensitive labeling.


Other Services

If the item you desire isn’t on our website or it doesn’t fit any of our specified categories, please let us know. Once we receive your inquiry, we will have a sales rep contact you to further discuss your needs.

About Our Team

Building a custom mold is a complicated process and can be costly if not done correctly. Our knowledgeable sales and project management teams will guide you through the entire process to help ensure that your package meets your needs and desires. With our award-winning customer service, we are sure that you will feel comfortable with your decision to choose Kaufman Container for all of your custom packaging needs.

Stock Container Packaging and Custom Kaufman Molds

Before you decide to create your own custom products, we recommend taking a look at our stock items and Kaufman Molds. We stock over 300 wholesale packaging products, including glass, plastic bottles, jars, tubes, and dispensing closures. In addition, we have built an extensive collection of custom molds.

Feel free to explore our large selection of packaging options, or contact us directly at 216.898.2000 to start your project today.

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