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From honey containers and plastic peanut butter jars to glass jelly jars, Kaufman Container provides an array of food packaging containers to fit your needs. You could say, quality packaging and Kaufman Container go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Our diverse customer base ranges from entrepreneurs working out of their personal kitchen to monsters in the industry dominating the retail shelves. No matter your size, Kaufman Container is devoted to helping you grow your brand. Explore our range of food packaging containers below or browse Food packaging photo gallery.

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Wholesale Spice Packaging Supplies

For years, Kaufman Container has been known as the leading spice packaging company for quality products and affordable wholesale prices. We have an extensive stock catalog of wholesale glass spice jars, plastic spice jars, dispensing closures (flapper caps) and spice grinders. We can provide stock and custom spice jars depending on your project.

Spice Caps and Grinders for Seasonings

For seasoning packaging, it is crucial to determine what type of spice cap your product will require. Based on the thickness of the spice or herb, not all dispensing spice caps will work properly. You have to ask yourself - will you need a teaspoon style, 7 hole sprinkler, 19 hole sprinkler? Will you need a dual flip top? If your product is similar to Himalayan salt or peppercorns, you may be in the market for a spice grinder. We strive to provide the best spice grinder in the industry capable of grinding even the coarsest salts. We have numerous styles available including the Ecoline, which is tamper proof or the adjustable, which allows the consumer to control how fine or coarse the product is. The selection of spice caps available can be overwhelming, so we suggest taking a look our article “How to Choose the Right Spice Closure” to help guide you in the process. For more information, contact our team directly.Spice and seasoning containers sold by product package design provider Kaufman Container in Cleveland, OH




Custom Glass Molds and Spice Jars

Kaufman Container has built numerous custom glass molds which are available to you including our popular 2.5 oz glass round spice jar and 6 oz glass square spice jar. If you would like samples or would like to talk to one of our representatives directly, we encourage you to contact our team. 


Ring Neck Sauce Bottles

One of the most common/popular glass bottles in the packaging industry is the 12 oz sauce bottle. While most companies still prefer the traditional 12 oz glass ring neck sauce bottle, lately, we have seen an uptick in requests for a plastic option. For plastic sauce bottles, we offer 2 different styles of ring neck bottles including the 12 oz Hot Fill PET bottle. This ring neck bottle is perfect for companies who are looking to reduce their freight costs and who are sick of glass bottles breaking during shipment. If you are looking to learn more about Hot Fill PET bottles or the other food packaging containers we offer, contact us today.