Food & Spice Packaging

Food Packaging Containers

Kaufman Container has a variety of wholesale food packaging containers available for purchase. Our large selection includes containers ranging from small spice jars to gallon jugs for bulk items. We can supply bottles and jars in glass and multiple plastic resins such as PET, PP, HDPE, LDPE and more!

Whether you currently hand-fill your product or use a co-packer, Kaufman Container is here to help with your packaging. Our sales reps have the packaging expertise to answer any of your questions and our excellent customer service will make your experience an enjoyable one. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer.

Food Packaging Containers

Some of our most popular wholesale food containers, including salad dressing bottles, honey containers, spice jars and sauce bottles, are showcased above.  If you find an item you are interested in, request a quote by adding the product to your cart or by contacting our team directly. We’ll make sure you find the perfect food container even if it means we’ll be sourcing the items globally or creating a custom mold.

Wholesale Spice Packaging

Kaufman Container is a leader in the spice industry and we have an extensive catalog of spice packaging available. Our selection includes glass and plastic spice bottles and jars, spice grinders, and spice caps. Once you decide on the spice container, it’s important to think about the experience you want the consumer to have while using your product. If it’s a thicker seasoning or spice, you may want to consider the best spice grinder. If it is a very thin seasoning, then a sprinkler cap may be a better fit.

Value-Added Services

In addition to supplying the rigid packaging, Kaufman Container offers services that add value. For many of our customers, we create a warehousing program and set up a just-in-time delivery schedule. This allows us to buy in bulk, save you warehousing space and ship to you just as you need inventory. This is a great program to take advantage of especially if you work with several co-packers throughout the country. Read more about our value-added services and contact us to chat with a sales representative.


Award-Winning Food Packages Modern_Mills_Salts

Over the years, Kaufman Container has won several awards for unique and innovative food packaging. Our most recent winner was for Gourmet Nut’s Modern Mill Salad Toppers & Seasonings line. For this food package, Kaufman Container supplied the bottles, dispensing caps, spice grinders and applied the shrink sleeve labeling. Read more about our award-winning packages, or email us to get your project started.

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