Sleek Child Resistant Caps

Kaufman Container is a well-known and respected packaging supplier for child resistant caps. We are excited to be introducing the new Sleek CR® family of child resistant caps by MRP Solutions! These polypropylene caps offer maximum brandability along with reliable security. What sets the Sleek CR® caps apart is their blank canvas design. With these caps, you get the look of a custom closure without the cost. This means you can add your own branding and make a statement with your packaging.




Wide Range of Options:

You can choose from glossy or satin finishes to suit your brand aesthetic. Our caps are available in various sizes: 33 mm, 38mm, 45 mm 53 mm, 63 mm, and 70 mm and in numerous colors including White, Black, and custom colors! If sustainability is on your mind, these caps are also available in various PCR% up to 100%. Looking for a complete package? Kaufman Container has a large selection of plastic jars for a flush side and stylish total package.

Customizable Solutions:

With offset printing, you can easily add your logos, brand colors, and other messages directly on the caps. This creates a cohesive and professional look for your packaging, helping your products stand out on the shelves. While your competitors are displaying the standard child safety pictorial or text, you can have your logo printed for true differentiation.

Markets & Applications:

Originally launched in the nutraceutical industry, these innovative caps are now making their way into Pet/Vet, household care, personal care, cosmeceutical and automotive. These caps can be used for any products that are looking for a competitive branding advantage.

Looking to elevate your brand with custom printed child resistant caps? Look no further than Sleek CR® caps manufactured by MRP Solutions and distributed by Kaufman Container! Whether you prefer sleek or satin, these caps offer a myriad of benefits for your brand. Head to our blog to read our Sleek CR article or contact us today for pricing and samples.


Frequently Asked Questions about Sleek Child Resistant Caps:

Q: How are these caps considered child resistant if there are no warnings?

A: All of our child resistant caps meet the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The traditional text or pictorial messages are not required.

Q: What markets are the sleek child resistant caps designed for?

A: While our sleek child resistant caps can be used for numerous different markets and applications, we have found them most popular in the nutraceutical and personal care markets.

Q: Can you print my logo or promotional messaging on the caps?

A: Yes! The beauty in the sleek child resistant caps is that allows you to have your logo or other messaging printed on the cap. This gives your brand a tremendous advantage vs competitors.