Decorative Glass Perfume Bottles

Bulk and Wholesale Glass Perfume Bottles

Kaufman Container offers an impressive selection of bulk and wholesale glass perfume bottles in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from our selection below and start to think about the type of aesthetic you are interested in. Kaufman Container can help you create a beautiful looking package with our wide variety of high-quality, durable glass perfume bottles and design services.

Glass Perfume Bottles With Atomizer

Bring your glass perfume bottle to life while keeping it secure with our atomizers. We offer several closure and lid options, including over caps, mist pumps, atomizers and more in a variety of colors. Mix and match our bottles and closures to see which combination is best suited for your fragrance.

What We Offer

Choose from an extensive catalog of glass perfume bottles to suit your perfume preferences, whether that’s smaller glass vials or larger variations. We can even produce custom glass perfume bottles for larger orders. From drafting an original design to testing the final product, our 3D in-house graphic designers can help create a unique, eye-catching package design and bring your vision to life.

Our in-house decorating facility allows you to select from many bottle decoration options, from screen printing and hot stamping to frosting and more. This can be a possible cost- and time-saving solution since our team can perform both the design and packaging services completely in-house without involving outside companies and distributors.

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Founded in 1910, Kaufman Container continues to be a leader in the packaging industry, so we take our work—and your orders—seriously. All of our products are made to last across industries, and we offer flexible order quantities and shipping options to help make the process as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Request a quote from us today so we can begin working on your unique perfume bottle design and packaging.