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Kaufman Container is one of the leading packaging suppliers in the United States. We supply a variety of wholesale pharmaceutical containers and wholesale nutraceutical packaging options for the health and medical industry.

Some of our products include glass and plastic pill bottles, protein powder containers, glass vials with caps and plastic vials. Our tenured and experienced team is standing by and ready to help you with your next project! Give us a call today at 800-824-4119 or browse our pharmaceutical and nutraceutical photo gallery.


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Wholesale Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Packaging Solutions

Our wide range of customers includes medicinal contract fillers, drug stores, and companies who sell medicinal cannabis or CBD products. If one of our stock pharmaceutical bottles won’t work, we have a network of over 700 qualified suppliers to help in building a custom pharmaceutical container. Learn more about our process on our custom packaging page.

Wholesale Pill Bottles

There are many different names for pill bottles, but they are commonly known in the packaging industry as packers or packer bottles. Kaufman Container can provide clear plastic pill bottles and clear glass pill bottles, or we can offer them in a color of your choice.

These pill containers can be used for several different applications including pills, gummy vitamins, and other health supplements. Also, we can decorate your package with bar codes and other relevant information regarding your ingredients.

Wholesale Glass Pharmaceutical Bottles

Although plastic pharmaceutical packaging is very prevalent in the industry, glass packaging remains a top option for companies. Some of our pharmaceutical glass packaging includes glass pill bottles, glass vials with caps, glass ampules and other glass containers.

As far as caps and closures go, some of our most popular options include medical droppers and child-resistant caps. To view our full selection, visit our closures page.

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Custom body lotion packaging sold by product package designer Kaufman Container, which services the Midwest, USA

Case Study: Lord Jones

Lord Jones is a leading manufacturer for CBD-infused products. They have products ranging from gel capsules to gumdrops as well as multiple skincare products such as lotions and body oils. For their CBD-infused body lotion, Lord Jones utilizes our 50 ml airless pump and bottle. With each pump, 1 ml of luxurious lotion is dispensed allowing the consumer to have a precise and measured dosage. This airless family also consists of 100 ml and 150 ml airless pumps and bottles in white and natural. View all of our airless packaging here!

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Whether you need packaging for pills, liquids or even cannabis, Kaufman Container is here to help. In addition to plastic and glass pharmaceutical packaging, we also offer tubes in a variety of diameters and closure options. Give our team a call today at 800-824-4119 and we are happy to assist you with your next project!


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