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As the craft beverage market continues to grow, Kaufman Container has become a leading supplier for the industry. From craft beer bottles and beer growlers, to shrink sleeve cans and printed aluminum cans, we have the capability to supply numerous styles of packaging.

Beer Bottles & Growlers for BreweriesCraft beer bottles sold by shrink bands provider Kaufman Container in Cleveland, OH

Searching for a beer bottle supplier? Everyday it seems like a new brewery is popping up brewing some new and unique flavors of beer. Our stock beer packaging program and multiple warehouses make us a great partner for start-up breweries looking to package their beer for the first time. Our catalog includes both wholesale beer bottles and wholesale growlers, which makes it simple for startup and existing breweries.

Liquor & Spirit Bottles

Kaufman Container continues to service the craft spirits industry by supplying them new and innovative wholesale glass liquor bottles. Miniature spirit bottles start as small as 50 ml, but our most common capacities are 375 ml and 750 ml glass bottles. For companies looking to stay away from glass, we can also supply PET plastic liquor bottles.

Wholesale Wine Bottles

Our wholesale wine bottles have been one of our most popular items for decades. Kaufman Container’s expansive stock wine bottle catalog contains various styles including Bordeaux wine bottles, Burgundy wine bottles, Bellissima wine bottles, and Hock wine bottles. We stock the standard 375 ml and 750 ml wine bottles in a variety of colors including flint (clear), amber, green and cobalt blue.

Shrink Sleeve Cans

We have recently seen a trend of customers opting for aluminum cans rather than traditional glass beer bottles. Several factors have impacted their decision including portability, lower freight costs, and sustainability. Our 1 pallet minimums allow our customers to be creative in their seasonal flavors and new product launches. In addition, the shrink sleeve label when applied to the can provides a great billboard for your logo and will make your product pop.

Shrink sleeve cans sold by product package design providers Kaufman Container, which services the Midwest, USA


Ordering Your Craft Wine, Spirits and Craft Beer Bottles

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