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From empty juice bottles to glass bottles for Kombucha, Kaufman Container provides a wide selection of beverage bottles to fit your needs. We can supply glass and plastic beverage bottles, aluminum bottles and cans as well as an array of plastic beverage caps.

Our diverse customers range from small cold-brew coffee companies to cold-press juice start-ups, to some of the most popular brands on store shelves! No matter which type of beverage you require packaging for; Kaufman Container will be able to provide a viable solution to fit your needs. Our experienced sales team is standing by ready to deliver excellent customer service. Browse some of our most popular beverage bottles below or view our beverage photo gallery.

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Plastic Beverage Bottles

As more companies join the e-commerce market, the demand for plastic juice bottles and plastic beverage bottles continues to increase. PET Plastic bottles are lighter, more portable and still provide that crystal-clear appearance customers love. We have a wide selection of plastic juice bottles with tamper-evident caps that work for any non-carbonated beverage. We can also provide plastic bottles that are cold filled, hot filled, HPP Bottles and bottles designed for carbonated beverages. 

Glass juice bottles sold by bottle screen printing provider Kaufman Container in Cleveland, OHGlass Juice Bottles

Although the demand for plastic beverage bottles is increasing, glass bottles for beverages remain a focal point. We offer both round glass bottles and square glass bottles that can be used as glass juice bottles or other beverages. One of the most popular options remains our glass French Square bottle family. We stock the 1 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz styles and can be paired with both plastic and metal caps. In addition to glass French square bottles, another popular option is our glass Boston round bottles. Both of these families are great bottles to have screen printed at our state-of-the-art decorating facility.



Glass kombucha bottles sold by bottle screen printing provider Kaufman Container, which services the Midwest, USAKombucha Bottles 

Glass bottles for Kombucha are one of the most common requests we receive and these companies have ordered a variety of packaging, including 12 oz beer bottles, 32 oz Boston rounds and 16 oz plastic juice bottles. If you are looking to learn more about our Kombucha bottles or other beverage bottles we offer, contact us today.




Kaufman Container is Here to Help

No matter what type of beverage you need packaging for; Kaufman Container is here to help! Our excellent customer service, packaging expertise and a comprehensive product offering will take your brand to the next level. We work with businesses of all sizes and would love the opportunity to work with you.

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