Viscose Closures Spotlight

About Viscose Closures

Viscose Closures Limited manufactures a wide range of tamper-evident packaging solutions and is based out of the UK. They have been manufacturing their products in the UK for over 125 years and 70+ years at their current Swansea headquarters. Their products can be used in a variety of industries including Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Industrial Chemical, Pharmaceutical and many more.



Product Offering:

Viscose offers several styles of stock and custom tamper-evident solutions. In addition, they also offer capsules and shrink sleeves in PVC or PET, and plastic closures including sports nutrition caps, aluminum closures and crowns.

Compostable Shrink Bands:


The cellulose shrink bands Viscose produce continues to be their most popular product offering. These cellulose bands, also referred to as Viskrings or Celons, are a unique tamper-evident solution that are the only biodegradable, compostable and plastic-free shrink band available.

These celon bands are produced from wood pulp taken from renewable sources that is extruded into tubing and then cut into bands. Since cellulose is a natural plant-based material, it does not require heat in order to shrink onto your product and provide that tamper-evident effect.

Our Relationship:

Kaufman Container is proud to be known as the premier US distributor for all products offered by Viscose Closures including the eco-friendly shrink bands. Kaufman Container became a US distributor for these cellulose bands beginning in 1984 and our relationship has grown stronger over the years.

If you are located within the US, we would be happy to work with you on your next project. If you are located outside of the US, please contact Viscose to work directly with them.

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