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Kaufman Container has a large selection of bulk and wholesale foaming bottles, pumps, trigger sprayers, and foaming dispensers to choose from. Choose from a wide variety of styles, neck finishes, capacity, and shape. Create a fully custom foaming bottle or dispenser that is perfect for personal care products, hand sanitizer dispensers, and more! We offer foaming pumps that allow for precise dispensing and create foam naturally without the use of chemical propellants.

Choose the correct resin choice for you, whether it be HDPE, PET, PP, or PVC, our foaming bottles and foaming dispensers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 200mL up to 10 oz! We offer bulk foaming soap dispensers that are stock items, as well as supply custom packaging such as foaming squeeze bottles. When it comes to foaming bottles and foaming dispensers, let Kaufman Container be your complete packaging supplier!

Let Kaufman Container take care of adding custom labels of your brand through our in-house decorating services. We have more than 50 pieces of decorating equipment, allowing us to accommodate smaller quantities up to millions of pieces! Our in-house graphic design team can offer assistance in labeling artwork and graphics. Our decorating techniques include screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and more! To learn more about our custom packaging solutions, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.

Wholesale Foamer Bottles

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Frequently Asked Foaming Bottle Questions

How does a foaming bottle work?

A foaming bottle creates foam by mixing the liquid in the foaming chamber, which then gets dispensed through a nylon mesh, causing it to foam up.

Can you put any liquid in a foaming dispenser?

Regular hand soap is usually too thick and viscous for a foaming dispenser, it must be diluted with water to be able to foam up properly.