French Square Glass Bottles

Wholesale & Bulk French Square Bottles

At Kaufman Container, we offer a wide selection of glass French square bottles at affordable prices. These glass square bottles are thick walled and a very durable package suitable for numerous markets and applications. The smallest size we carry is a 1 oz. clear french square that is commonly used for salts and spices while our larger sizes such as 16 and 32 oz french squares are typically used for beverages and personal care items such as body scrubs.

Glass Juice Bottles

As previously mentioned, one of the most popular uses for our french square glass bottles are for juices and other beverages. These glass juice containers can be paired with a variety of metal caps or plastic caps in an array of colors. These bottles can also be labeled or screen printed in-house by Kaufman Container. For more information please visit our container and bottle printing page.

Wide Mouth French Squares

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