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Bulk & Wholesale Glass Mason Jars

Kaufman Container proudly supplies bulk and wholesale mason jars in a variety of sizes. Mason jars are commonly used for preserving fruits and vegetables. However, they can also be used to package countless other products or store a variety of contents. Mason jars are extremely durable and have amazing flavor preservation benefits. These clear glass jars provide great aesthetic and allow you to quickly view the product or contents inside. Our wide-mouth mason jars make it simple to add and remove products from the jars. Once you have selected the mason jar to best fit your packaging needs, we offer several plastic and metal caps to create a proper seal.

Looking for a way to further customize your glass mason jar? Kaufman can create a customized design with our in-house decorating services, including capabilities such as screen printing, roll stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and more. Learn more about screen printing on glass jars.

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