Plastic & Glass Spice Jars

Wholesale & Bulk Plastic & Glass Spice Jars

Kaufman Container is your one-stop-shop for all your spice packaging needs, offering a wide range of wholesale and bulk spice jars to meet the demands of businesses in the spice industry. Whether you prefer glass or plastic, we have got you covered. We keep several spice jars in stock but can also ship a m ship directly from our suppliers.

Glass Spice Jars

To grow our footprint in the spice industry, Kaufman Container has built several custom glass spice jars including our 2.5 oz round glass spice jar and our 6 oz square glass spice jar. Both are stock available options but other glass spice jars are available upon request.

Plastic Spice Jars

On the other hand, if you prefer plastic spice jars, our clear PET spice jars are the most popular choice. We offer these PET spice jars in various shapes and sizes, and they are a perfect fit for businesses looking to capitalize on the rising trend of e-commerce.

Let's Choose a Spice Cap or Closure

Choosing the right spice cap or closure is crucial to ensure that your spices and seasonings stay fresh and flavorful. Our dispensing spice caps, such as the flapper cap, are perfect for light and easy to pour spices, while our high-quality spice grinders are ideal for thicker seasonings.

The Kaufman Container Difference

Let our Account Managers help you choose the right spice jar and closure for your business. Contact us today at 800-824-4119 or email us to get started on your bulk spice jar order and take advantage of our $500 minimum order requirement. Order today and experience the Kaufman difference.

Frequently Asked Spice Jar Questions:

Is it better to store spice in glass or plastic?
Glass is overall better than plastic to store spices long-term. Plastic can be porous, which allows small amounts of air into the jar, slowly causing the spices to lose freshness. While all spices have an expiration date, glass spice jars will significantly extend the life of your spices.

How long do jarred spices last?
Whole spices such as uncrushed peppercorns or coriander seeds are at their freshest within the first 10 months. Ground spices will retain the majority of their flavor for up to 3 years, especially if kept in dry, cool places.