Sauce Bottles

Wholesale Glass Jars & Sauce Packaging

Kaufman Container offers a varied selection of glass and plastic bottles ideal for sauce packaging. Our sauce bottles can be used for all your food industry needs, such as BBQ sauces, dressings, and pasta sauces. Need to store heated sauces or dressing? Our hot fill plastic bottles come in different sizes and can withstand heat up to 205°F. Customers have a range of size options, including 8 oz jars, 12 oz bottles, 16 oz jars, 64 oz hot fill jugs, 1-gallon hot fill bottles, and more. Common styles include mayo jars, salsa jars, glass jars for jam & jelly, hot sauce bottles, and containers for condiments.

Sauce Bottle Labeling Services

All our packaging at Kaufman Container can be custom labeled. We have an in-house team of graphic designers to assist you in creating the perfect brand imagery. Our decorating services include screen printing and labeling. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions and decorative services, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.

Frequently Asked Sauce Bottle Questions

Why is hot sauce only in glass bottles?

Glass bottles are imperative to hot sauce packaging due to their non-porous qualities. Hot sauce will have acidic properties that could strip plastic and cause potential chemical leaching.

How are sauces packed?

Most sauces or liquids can be stored and packaged in plastic and glass bottles. Whether you use plastic or glass bottles will depend on the sauce and how acidic they might be.