Push-Pull Water Bottle Caps

Bulk & Wholesale Push-Pull Water Bottle Caps

Kaufman Container proudly supplies a large variety of push/pull caps. Also known as Push-pull water Push_Pull_Capsbottle caps, push/pull caps dispense the liquid when the center nozzle is pulled upward and are closed when pushed down creating a proper seal. In addition to water and other beverages, our push-pull caps are commonly used for cleaning and household products such as dish soap. Our plastic caps are recyclable, FDA approved, and made with food grade plastic. Our push-pull caps are a great option for quick and easy dispensing. They are very popular with water bottles for sports and physical activities. The threaded screw top cap provides a great seal to avoid spills and messes.

Whether you’re packaging water, a household chemical product, or a personal care product, we can help you find the perfect push/pull cap to best suit your product. Kaufman Container provides a range of sizes and styles to ensure the best match for all your packaging needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Push/Pull Caps:

Q: What products push/pull caps used for?

A: Push/Pull caps are a very versatile closure. Push/pull caps are very popular for water bottles, as well as other products such as dish soap, cleaners and other personal care products.

Q: Do you offer different styles and colors of push/pull caps?

A: Yes! We have several manufacturers that can supply unique styles and colors such as red, blue, green and many more.

Q: Are push/pull caps easy to use?

A: Yes! Push/Pull caps are very user-friendly. Push/Pull caps are clean, prevents messes and have a controlled dispensing system.