Pickle Jars

Bulk & Wholesale Plastic & Glass Pickle Jars

Kaufman Container can get you out of a pickle with our selection of bulk and wholesale plastic and glass pickle jars. Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. We offer classic glass pickle jars to gallon tubs! Our plastic jars are lightweight, durable, and incredibly easy to transport. Our glass jars are a renewable resource and have amazing flavor preservation benefits. Both our transparent plastic and glass pickle jars provide great aesthetic and allow you to quickly view the pickles inside. Pickle jars can also be used for pickling or preserving peppers or tomatoes. Our wide mouth pickle jars make it simple to add and remove products from the jars. Once you have selected the plastic or glass pickle jar to best fit your packaging needs, we offer several caps and closures to create a proper seal. Ensuring that the seal is airtight is imperative to the pickling process and Kaufman offers only the best. Our lids are guaranteed to seal perfectly tight.

Glass Pickle Jar Labeling Services

All of our jars from Kaufman Container can be custom labeled with our in-house decorating services. Let Kaufman Container help you in creating the perfect packaging for your brand! Our decorating techniques include screen printing and labeling. Our services can help your glass or plastic pickle jar look refined and sophisticated. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions we offer, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.

Frequently Asked Glass Pickle Jar Questions:

Why do people put pickles in glass jars?

Glass is the most optimal container for storing and packaging pickles due to the acidic nature of the vinegar used in pickling. Glass is a non-porous material that will not produce harmful by-products.

Can you use any glass jar for pickling?

In general, no. Pickle jars have been specially heat treated to withstand the pickling process. A good glass pickle jar will also have an airtight seal to ensure the pickles stay fresh.