PET Plastic Bottles & Containers

What is PET Plastic?

PET plastic bottles and containers are a cost-effective solution for a variety of industries, providing light-weight durability and shatter-resistant packaging. PET plastic is safe, nontoxic, and recyclable, making it ideal for food, liquid, and cosmetic packaging. Not only that, but PET plastic can also be used to create clear bottles and containers and can be easily shaped into a variety of custom forms.

Wholesale PET Plastic Bottles & Containers

Kaufman Container is proud to supply a wide range of wholesale PET plastic bottles, containers, jars, and other packaging solutions. We have a variety of PET plastic bottle sizes available ranging from 50 mL to 32 oz. We also offer several clear PET bottles, PET honey jars, PET liquor bottles, and more.

Looking for more customization options? At Kaufman Container, we are proud to offer in-house decorating and labeling services. Visit our custom container and bottle printing page to learn more.