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Sometimes a plastic bottle just isn’t enough, and you have to break out the big guns! Kaufman Container has everything you need for bulk containers including 5 gallon pails, gallon jugs, cubitainers, hedpaks and more!

5-Gallon Pails and Lids

Our white HDPE 5-gallon pails also known as “plastic buckets” are a perfect package for bulk products. We have many different styles including pails with wire handles, plastic handles, or even UN pails with child warning logos.


Our cubitainers are a durable and lightweight option for businesses that want to conserve space and increase flexibility. Cubitainers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1 gallon to a 20 liter cubitainer. From food products to industrial chemicals, cubitainers are one type of container that can be used for multiple industries.

Other Options 

Aside from our traditional plastic pails and flexible cubitainers, we can also provide hedpaks and 55 gallon drums. While 55 gallon drums are the largest container we offer, hedpaks are a great option due to their durable handle and strong HDPE plastic material. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Check out our selection of plastic bottles!