Juice Bottles

Wholesale Juice Bottles & Packaging

Kaufman Containers has an impressive variety of juice bottles and packaging. Choose from glass or plastic in all types of sizes and shapes. We offer options for smaller wellness shots, single-serving bottles and larger juice jugs. All of our bottles are designed with the customer in mind and can be stored on shelves or refrigerated.  

Glass v. Plastic Juice Packaging

Glass juice bottles are a great option for a high-quality look that is nonporous, recyclable, and reusable. Plastic juice bottles are an excellent option for durability. Our PET plastic is more resistant to impact and has a look similar to glass. Our HDPE plastic is also impact-resistant but opaque, making it a great choice for beverages that do not need to be displaced through the bottle. Whatever beverage you are looking to package, we have the bottle for you.

All our packaging at Kaufman Container can be custom labeled. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions and decorative services, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.