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Also known as Jerricans, tight head containers or tight head pails, these durable plastic containers are an alternative packaging option to UN rated pails. Our Jerry cans are safe, secure, stackable and UN rated. Other benefits can include less product loss, shortened lead times, sustainability and brand differentiation.

Kaufman Container proudly supplies wholesale and bulk Jerry cans in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. This includes shapes such as round and rectangle and sizes ranging from 4 liter to 7 Gallon. Our tight heads are portable and durable and can be used for numerous industries including beverage concentrates, food flavors and fragrances, agricultural products, specialty chemicals and much more.




Save 30% on your Total Cost of Packaging

When compared to 5 gallon UN Pails, our 5 gallon Jerry cans are a superior packaging solution. Not only do they perform better on fill lines, but they also reduce the potential of spillage during transport. The biggest difference maker between the two styles of packaging is that jerry cans are stackable. This increases the number of filled tight heads you can fit on a pallet and significantly increases the number of tight heads you can fit on a truck. As your volume of product increases, jerry cans will continue to save you over 30% on total packaging spend.


In addition to supplying jerry cans, we can also provide a variety of 5 gallon pails, carboys, hedpaks and other largeware to solve your packaging needs. We also operate a full-service decorating facility capable of screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling and pressure sensitive labeling. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions about JerryCans:

Q: What is a Jerrycan used for?

A: Jerrycans can be used for multiple industries but are most popular for applications such as: Food and beverage flavors/concentrates, fragrances and specialty chemicals

Q: Do you offer different colors of jerrycans?

A: Yes, we offer a number of different colors and can even color match and provide a custom color jerrycan.

Q: Are Jerrycans easier to transport than 5 gallon UN pails?

A: Yes, Jerrycans are stackable which significantly increases the number of filled jerrycans you can fit on a truck.