Honey Bear Bottles

Honey Bear Containers

Kaufman Container is a leading supplier of plastic honey bear bottles in bulk quantities. We offer a wide range of styles and sizes, all made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Our clear PET plastic honey bear bottles feature a molded bear face and fur texture for a playful look, with a smooth square flat panel for easy labeling. Our Honey bear jars are perfect for various food products including jellies, jams and of course honey! Once you have found the perfect honey bear bottle, jar or container, we offer several dispensing caps and lids to create a proper seal. This helps to preserve the quality of the honey and prevent any chance of contamination.

Looking for a way to further customize your honey bear bottle? Kaufman can create a customized look with our in-house decorating services. Our services can help your product look refined and sophisticated. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions we offer, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.

Frequently Asked Honey Bear Bottle Questions:

Q: Why is honey in bear bottles?

A: This tradition comes from Ralph Gamber, the future president of the Dutch Gold Honey company, who decided to create a unique honey container. He made the link that bears like honey so why not put honey in a bear.

Q: How long does honey last in a plastic bottle?

A: Honey can be expected to last up to two and a half months in a plastic bottle. This duration can be extended by storing your honey in ideal conditions such as a dry, cool, cabinet.

Q: What is a honey bear bottle?

A: The classic shape of a honey bear bottle is a honey container that dates to 1957 and Ralph Gamber.

Q: What types of plastic honey bear bottles do you offer?

A: We offer plastic honey bears in both LDPE Plastic and PET Plastic and in sizes ranging from 8 oz to 32 oz.