Heavy Wall PET Bottles & Jars

What is Heavy Wall PET?

The only difference between standard PET and Heavy Wall PET is the amount of resin each bottle contains. Since Heavy wall PET contains more resin, it is a “heavier” and more durable package.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Heavy wall PET bottles and jars are very sustainable. Like standard PET, heavy wall PET shares the recycling code #1. With heavy wall PET jars, we even able to provide the cap in PET, so the entire package is a single material. In addition, for both heavy wall pet bottles and jars, we can provide up to 100% PCR. If sustainability is important to your company, we would recommend contacting a sales rep to learn more about heavy wall pet containers.

Transitioning from Glass to Heavy Wall PET

We know that there are a lot of cosmetic and beauty companies who only use glass containers. Consumers enjoy the feeling of the glass bottle or jar in their hands and when decorated, it can look very high-end. However, due to being a heavier container, heavy wall PET feels like glass and you receive the crystal clear appearance of PET. Similar to glass, heavy wall pet containers can decorated with capabilities such as screen printing, hot stamping and spray coating. If you are currently in glass, let us send you a sample of one of our heavy wall PET containers. We know you will be impressed!

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