Glass Boston Round Bottles

Clear Glass & Amber Glass Boston Round Bottles

Looking for high-quality glass Boston round bottles in both amber and flint/clear? Look no further than Kaufman Container. With a variety of neck finishes available, these bottles can be paired with metal caps, fine mist sprayers, or lotion pumps to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking to package essential oils, beverages, or skincare products, Kaufman Container has you covered with their versatile and stylish glass bottles. Upgrade your packaging game with Kaufman Container's premium glass Boston round bottles today.

Glass Boston Round Bottles are a versatile and eco-friendly packaging solution for a wide range of products. With their 100% recyclable material, rounded shoulder and base, and crystal clear appearance, Clear glass Boston Round bottles not only look sleek but also offer durability and sturdiness. For added protection against UV rays and oxygen, the option of using amber glass is available, ensuring your products stay fresh and potent for longer. Kaufman Container stocks various glass Boston Round bottles ranging from 1 oz to 32 oz in size and can supply other sizes or styles per request.

At Kaufman Container, we pride ourselves on our ability to elevate brands through our top-notch decorating services. Whether you're looking to showcase your product in a clear glass Boston round bottle or prefer the classic look of an amber glass bottle, we've got you covered. Our in-house decorating facility is equipped to handle both small and large quantities, offering a range of options including screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and pressure sensitive labeling. With our award-winning services, your brand is sure to stand out on store shelves, catching the eye of consumers and leaving a lasting impression. Let us help you take your packaging to the next level and make a statement in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glass Boston Round Bottles:

Q: Can I order glass Boston Round bottles in different sizes?

A: Yes, our glass Boston Round bottles come in various sizes ranging from 1 oz to 32 oz to accommodate different products.

Q: Are Glass Boston Round bottles suitable for cosmetic products?

A: Absolutely. Glass Boston Round bottles are versatile and stylish, making them suitable for packaging a variety of products, including cosmetics, scrubs, lotions and oils.

Q: What closure options are available for glass Boston Round bottles?

A: We offer a variety of closure options for Glass Boston Round bottles, including caps, droppers, fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps and more. Choose the closure type that aligns with your product and dispensing requirements.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of glass Boston Round bottles?

A: Yes, you can customize glass Boston Round bottles with choices in size, closure type, and custom labeling or printing options. This allows you to create a unique and branded product presentation.

At Kaufman Container, we are committed to providing you with top-quality glass Boston Round bottles that combine aesthetics with functionality. Whether you're in the beverage, cosmetic, or specialty food industry, our Boston Round bottles offer a distinctive packaging solution. Explore the possibilities of customizing your packaging to create a unique brand presence in the market.