Glass Hexagon Jars

Bulk & Wholesale Glass Hexagon Jars 9_oz_Glass_Hexagon_Jars

Kaufman Container proudly supplies bulk and wholesale glass hexagon jars. Hexagon jars feature a unique six side design providing a great aesthetic. Glass hexagon jars are commonly used for jellies, jams, condiments, sauces, spreads, honey, candy, candles, beauty products and more. Our glass jars are extremely durable and have amazing flavor preservation benefits. Hexagon jars have a lug finish consisting of several tapered ridges designed to mate and require only a partial turn to seal the cap. Once you have the perfect jar, we offer several lids to create a proper seal.

Kaufman Container can create a customized label with our in-house decorating services, including screen printing, roll stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and more. Our services can help your glass jar look refined and sophisticated. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions we offer, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.

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