Glass Dropper Bottles

Bulk & Wholesale Glass Dropper Bottles

Kaufman Container offers a wide variety of wholesale glass dropper bottles including Boston rounds, french squares, century ovals and more. Our dropper bottles are perfect for storing essential oils, home remedies, medicines, cleaning solutions and more. Due to glass being chemical resistant, our dropper bottles are ideal for storing products without the worry of a chemical reaction taking place. Pipette tops can be used with the bottles allowing you to dispense the precise amount of liquid needed without wasting any product. Our clear glass bottles provide great aesthetic and allow you to quickly view the product. Our amber colored bottles are the perfect solution for products requiring light protection.

Dropper bottles have become a very popular option for the Cannabis/CBD industry and many customers are using them as CBD tincture bottles. Depending on your formula and the state you live in, our glass dropper bottles can be paired with a child-resistant pipette, which will keep your product safe for everyone.

Looking for a way to further customize your glass dropper bottle? Kaufman Container can help you create a customized label with our in-house decorating services, including screen printing, roll stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and more. To learn more, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.