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Kaufman Container is your trusted packaging source for wholesale and bulk glass candle jars. Our glass candle jars come in a variety of colors, including clear, amber and cobalt blue. We supply numerous sizes and shapes from tealight candle jars, hexagon jars, square jars and more. All of our glass candle jar options create a safe environment for a flame and display a great aesthetic. Our wide-mouth jars make it simple to add and remove candles.

To ensure a proper seal for your candles, Kaufman Container offers several options for caps and lids. Take customization to the next level with our in-house decorating services, including screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and more. Our services can help your glass jar and product look refined, sophisticated, and stand out on the shelves. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions we offer, visit our custom container and bottle printing page. Order your bulk glass candle jars today and experience the Kaufman difference!

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Glass Candle Jars

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Frequently Asked Glass Candle Jar Questions:

What is the most popular candle container?
The most popular materials used for candle containers are glass and metal. This is due to their innate heat resistance which makes them ideal for holding candles. Ceramic can also be a viable choice for candle holders.

What jars are best for candles?
Glass jars are the best for candles due to their resistance to heat. Kaufman Container supplies thick, heat resistant glass candle jars designed to last.