Glass Amber Bottles & Jars

Wholesale Amber Glass Bottles

The use of glass amber bottles is a popular solution for extending shelf life and maintaining product purity without compromising on aesthetic. At Kaufman Container, a distributor of wholesale packaging containers, a variety of glass amber bottles and jars are available for purchase, including amber glass bottles specifically designed for beer and wine, essential oils, cannabis, personal care products, and more.

One of the advantages of choosing Kaufman Container for wholesale packaging needs is the wide variety of glass amber solutions available. The selection of wholesale amber glass solutions includes Boston round bottles, century ovals, jars, and beer growlers. This variety ensures that customers can choose the best option for their specific needs and product type. Additionally, Kaufman Container offers these amber glass packaging in sizes ranging from 1 oz. to 2 liters, allowing for greater flexibility in product volumes.

In addition to offering a range of styles and sizes of wholesale amber glass bottles, Kaufman Container also provides in-house decorating services, including screen printing and decals. This allows customers to personalize their bottles with their own branding, logo, and messaging, helping to differentiate their products and brand in the market. To learn more about Kaufman Container's bottle labeling services, customers can visit the custom container and bottle printing page on our website.

In summary, Kaufman Container's selection of wholesale glass amber bottles and jars provides customers with a variety of options to suit their specific product and packaging needs. Additionally, the in-house decorating services available offer the opportunity to personalize and brand bottles, helping to differentiate products in the market.

Frequently Asked Amber Glass Bottles Questions

What are the benefits of amber glass bottles?

Amber glass has a unique property to absorb the widest range of light waves on the light spectrum. This protects your product from UV light, keeping it fresh and uncontaminated.

Are amber glass bottles better than clear?

Amber glass does offer more protection than clear glass by blocking UV light rays. These UV light rays can negatively impact the quality of certain products.