F Style Jugs

Bulk & Wholesale F Style Jugs

Kaufman Container proudly supplies bulk and wholesale F style jugs in a variety of sizes and styles. F style jugs are the perfect packaging solution for carrying and pouring. This design is great for numerous products including chemicals, oils, fertilizers, cleaning solutions, and more. We supply F style jugs in white, black, and clear in both narrow mouth openings and wide mouth openings. These jugs feature a sturdy rectangular base and top handles making them perfectly compact for shelves and shipping purposes. Our F style jugs are durable, chemical resistant, and temperature resistant to better protect your product.

All of the F style jugs from Kaufman Container can be custom labeled or screen printed with our in-house decorating services. Our decorating techniques include screen printing, roll stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, pressure-sensitive labeling and more. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions we offer, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.