Dispensing Caps

Kaufman Container is your go-to destination for dispensing caps and bottle dispenser caps. Our dispensing solutions are designed to provide convenience, precision, and reliability for a variety of products across different industries. Let's explore the features and benefits of our dispensing caps and bottle dispenser caps:

Dispensing Caps:

  1. Various Closure Options: We offer a diverse range of dispensing caps in different neck finishes, including flip tops, disc tops, yorker caps and pump dispensers. This variety allows you to choose the closure type that best suits your product and dispensing requirements.
  2. Precision Dispensing: Our dispensing caps are engineered for precise and controlled product dispensing. This feature is especially beneficial for products such as condiments, sauces, lotions, and more, where controlled pouring or squeezing is essential.
  3. Minimize Waste: Dispensing caps are designed to minimize product waste by allowing users to dispense only the required amount. This feature is particularly valuable for products with concentrated formulas.
  4. Secure Sealing: Our dispensing caps come with secure closures that prevent leaks and maintain the freshness and integrity of your products. Tamper-evident options are available for added safety.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dispensing Caps:

Q: Can I order custom labeling or printing for dispensing caps and bottle dispenser caps?

A: While most dispensing caps and bottle dispenser caps themselves may not be customizable, we can supply dispensing caps in custom colors. Another option is to focus on branding the primary packaging, such as bottles with labels and printing to create a cohesive brand presence.

Q: Are your dispensing caps suitable for various viscosities of products?

A: Yes, our dispensing caps are versatile and can be used with products of various viscosities, including thin liquids, semi-liquids, and thicker substances. The design allows for controlled and efficient dispensing.

Q: Do you offer tamper-evident options for dispensing caps?

A: Yes, many of our dispensing caps come with tamper-evident features to provide an added layer of safety and ensure the integrity of your products.

At Kaufman Container, we are committed to providing you with top-quality dispensing caps and bottle dispenser caps that meet your unique packaging needs. Contact us today to discuss your dispensing and closure requirements, and let our experienced team assist you in selecting the perfect dispensing solution for your products.