Cosmetic Jars

Bulk & Wholesale Cosmetic Jars

Kaufman Container proudly supplies wholesale and bulk cosmetic jars. We offer cosmetic jars in a variety of styles and sizes, as well as glass and plastic options. All of our cosmetic jars are lightweight, durable, impact-resistant, and easy to stack and transport. Once you have selected the plastic jar to best fit your product, we offer several caps and closures to create the perfect seal.

All of our cosmetic jars from Kaufman Container can be custom labeled with our in-house decorating services. Our decorating techniques include screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling and more. Our services can help your product look refined and sophisticated. To learn more about the custom packaging solutions we offer, visit our custom container and bottle printing page.

Cosmetic Packaging Options and Types

We understand that your product is exceptional and you need the packaging to reflect that. Our selection of high-end cosmetic packaging range from small glass perfume bottles to propel-repel deodorant sticks and even industrial plastic gallon jugs for haircare products. We can help with the entire package from the glass or plastic bottle to the dispensing closure such as a foaming pump or sprayer. Another popular style of high-end cosmetic containers we offer is heavy wall PET bottles and heavy wall PET jars. Heavy wall PET containers are great for the cosmetic industry as they feel like glass while maintaining that crystal clear PET appearance. Since PET plastic containers are lightweight, these heavy wall pet bottles and jars are ideal for e-commerce and for companies looking for eco-friendly packaging for their cosmetic products.