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Kaufman Container has been a leading packaging company since 1910. We provide our customers with numerous packaging solutions including glass and plastic bottles and jars, plastic tubes, an array of caps, airless pumps, sprayers and much more. Recently, we have become an important supplier to the CBD and cannabis industry. Whether you are packaging a CBD lotion, a joint or the flower itself, we can provide you with everything you need.





Glass Jars for Flower Packaging

Glass jars continue to be the most common request we receive when it comes to Cannabis packaging. Kaufman Container can supply various sizes of clear glass jars and amber glass jars depending on your preference. Depending on your state, you may be required to have an opaque container, so be sure to know the rules and regulations before purchasing. If you want a glass jar that is more high-end looking, we can also supply these spray coated glass jars in White, Black or Silver. For all of our glass jars, we do offer child resistant caps and can supply a Celon shrink band, which acts as an additional tamper-evident seal for your container. Browse our selection of cannabis jars.



Plastic Jars for Cannabis

Although glass jars for cannabis has been a more popular inquiry, Kaufman Container also has a large selection of plastic jars available. Our cannabis jars include both PET and HDPE Plastic jars in colors such as Black, Clear, Cobalt Blue and White. All of our plastic cannabis jars can be paired with a continuous thread (CT) or a child resistant cap (CRC).  With low minimum order requirements, our plastic cannabis jars could be the perfect package for you to break into the market. Browse our selection of plastic cannabis jars.


















Joint Tubes, Joint Containers and Vape Cartridge PackagingJoint Tubes, Joint Containers, Vape Cartridge Container

If you are looking for a vial to package your pre rolls or vape cartridges, we have the package for you. Also known as joint tubes or joint containers, these 16 mm plastic vape vials are available in Black, White or Clear. Equipped with a child resistant cap, these joint tubes are portable, discreet and the perfect option for pre-rolled cannabis or vape cartridges.






Glass Bottles for CBD Oils


Kaufman Container stocks over 300 items that can be used for numerous markets including the CBD & Cannabis Industries. For CBD oils in particular, customers have flocked towards our glass Boston round bottles and our custom Amber glass century oval bottles. Both of these types of glass bottles can be paired with a continuous thread cap, phenolic cap or as shown in the picture, a child-resistant dropper.





Airless Pumps and Bottles for CBD Products


Kaufman Container has a complete family of airless pumps and bottles that are available for low minimums and a great price! Typically used in the beauty and personal care industry, we recently have had customers using these airless containers for CBD infused creams, lotions and other wellness products. Our family of airless packaging includes 50 ml, 100 ml and 150 ml PP plastic bottles available in White or Natural. These airless pumps and bottles are great for new product launches and can be screen printed or labeled in-house. 


Decorating your Cannabis Packaging

In addition to supplying various cannabis packaging, Kaufman Container also operates a full-service decorating facility in Cleveland, Ohio. With over 50 state-of-the-art machines, our decorating capabilities include screen printing (silk screen printing), hot stamping (roll stamping), shrink sleeve labeling and pressure-sensitive labeling. We also are able to supply a variety of decals that can include the medicinal marijuana logo, or a custom design. We understand the cannabis industry demands a high-end package and we are confident our decorating can provide the extra touch your product needs. Read more about our decorating capabilities here.

Tamper-Evident Seal for Cannabis Packaging

Depending on your US State, you may or may not be packaging your flower or THC/CBD infused product in a child resistant container. Customers have been searching for an extra seal that provides tamper-evident protection. One way to achieve this goal is to utilize Kaufman Container’s celon shrink bands. These bottle shrink bands are very easy to apply and require no machinery or heat guns. Simply apply the shrink band to the container and let it dry for an hour. The celon shrink band will “shrink” to the container and provide the desired tamper-evident seal. These plastic seals for bottles are known as the most eco-friendly shrink band available as they are 100% biodegradable. We can provide perforated shrink bands, clear shrink bands and colored shrink bands for bottles and jars. We can also supply a printed celon band with the words, “Sealed for your protection” or another customized phrase. Visit our Celon Bands page to learn more or give us a call at 800-824-4119 to speak to our Celon Shrink Band expert.

Cannabis Packaging in Ohio

As more and more states continue to legalize cannabis for both medicinal and recreational uses, we are getting a high volume of calls to supply packaging to the cannabis industry. Whether it’s the flower, a pre-rolled joint or a THC/CBD infused product, Kaufman Container has the right package for you. As you can see, Kaufman Container can supply almost any package to this exciting and rapidly growing industry. Whether you need a small order of stock packaging or are looking for a more high-end custom package, we can assist you. We are a trusted cannabis packaging supplier in Ohio, but ship to customers throughout the United States and overseas. Take a moment and browse our selection of cannabis packaging or contact us to get started on your project.

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