32 oz Spray Bottles

Wholesale Spray Bottles Supplier

Kaufman Container is a leading plastic packaging wholesaler in the United States. Since the beginning in 1910, our packaging experts have helped clients with their specific packaging and bottle printing needs. We can provide both stock and custom packaging solutions in addition to providing a variety of bottle decorating services. Browse our 32 oz spray bottles below or to discuss your project in detail, give our friendly team a call at 800-824-4119.

Types of Spray Bottles

Our selection of spray bottles ranges from stock packaging solutions to custom spray bottles and trigger sprayers. Most of our customers choose our stock PET Plastic and HDPE plastic spray bottles, but we can source any type of spray bottle you desire. Our 32 oz spray bottles are stocked in black and can be paired with our wholesale trigger sprayer.

Custom Spray Bottles

With close to 100 custom molds, Kaufman Container has a large selection of custom spray bottles. Our Kaufman molds are named after Cleveland landmarks and include custom spray bottles such as Headlands, Edgewater and Catawba. These 32 oz spray bottles can be ran in several colors to fit your brand. Contact us to learn more about our minimum order requirements and to learn about custom printed packaging.