Bottle Decoration Kit

Since 1982, Kaufman Container has been recognized as an innovator in the packaging industry and a top choice as a creative packaging design company. We offer a variety of packaging solutions in addition to operating a state-of-the-art decorating facility. Our decorating capabilities include screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling, and pressure-sensitive labeling. Our in-house graphic designers will help you through the entire process and can provide inspirational packaging design.

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Decorating Kit Components
1. 50 ml Airless Pump & Bottle: The body of this container is screen printed 5 colors and includes a metallic hot stamping foil. In addition, the plastic cap is also screen printed 1 color. This was completed on our automatic machine.
2. 2 oz Double Wall PP Jar: For this plastic jar, we decided to once again screen print 5 colors and utilize the same metallic hot stamping foils. Similar to the airless pump & bottle, we also screen printed the plastic cap 1 color. This was completed on our automatic machine.
3. 2 oz Amber Glass Century Oval Bottle: This 2 oz amber glass bottle is one of our Kaufman Container custom molds. For decoration, the front of the bottle is screen printed 3 colors, while the back of the container has 5 color pressure-sensitive label which includes tactile print. This innovative label allows you to feel the print.
4. All of these components are packaged securely in this 5 x 7 in cloth travel bag. These bags were printed 1 color and is equipped with a matching Blue zipper.

New Decorating Machines

This past year, Kaufman Container has re-invested in their decorating services by purchasing a  pair of cutting-edge servo-driven machines. The new automatic machine can handle very tight registration and is capable of five-color screen print and one-color hot stamp in-line. Typically, our automatic machine is able to produce 15,000-20,000 bottles per shift. When it comes to choosing hot stamping foils, most of our customers are going with a metallic silver or a gold foil, but additional colored hot stamping foils are also available. In fact, due to the new capabilities, several of our customers have added hot stamping to their existing artwork. The second new machine is a semi-automatic, which is capable of three-color screen print and the ability to label in-line. Typical quantities for our semi-automatic are around 2,500-3,000 per shift and is a great option for low quantity items.
Richard Szoradi, Vice President of Supply Chain & Operations challenges customers to design complex artwork, because he is confident in our printing capabilities. While most of our competitors require two separate machines to complete a decorating job like this, Kaufman Container only requires one machine. This allows us to offer very competitive pricing, reduced tooling costs and low minimum order quantities. Kaufman Container supplied all of the components included in this decorating kit. This includes the glass and plastic containers, the closures, the cloth travel size bag, the card insert, the boxes and of course the decoration.