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Since 1982, Kaufman Container has been recognized as one of the top packaging and labeling companies in the United States. We offer a variety of packaging solutions in addition to operating a state-of-the-art decorating facility. Our decorating capabilities include silk screen printing, hot stamping, shrink sleeve labeling and pressure sensitive labeling. Our in-house graphic designers will help you through the entire process and can provide inspirational packaging design.

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Silk Screen Printing on Bottles

One of the most popular decorating techniques we offer at Kaufman Container is silk screen printing on bottles. We are able to silk screen a variety of packaging components including glass bottles, glass jars, plastic bottles, plastic jars and an assortment of caps and closures. Our servo-driven silk screen printing machines can screen print up to 5 colors and also provide 1 color foil hot stamping. Learn more about Silk Screen Printing and Hot Stamping.

Labeling Glass Bottles

In addition to silk screen printing on bottles, one of the most frequent requests we receive involves labeling glass bottles. Labeling glass bottles is an affordable and quick decorating technique to make your brand stand out. Our special services division are experts at labeling glass bottles and would love to work with you on your next project. We can handle both small and large projects and can label unique shapes and sizes of glass bottles. Learn more about Pressure Sensitive Labeling.


Decorating Kit Components
Kaufman Container's sample decorating kit is comprised of a glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic jar and a cloth zip up travel bag. All of these items were sourced and decorated by Kaufman Container, which truly showcases our capabilities as one of the top packaging and labeling companies. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the style of container and explains what type of printing or labeling was applied.
  • 2 oz Amber Glass Century Oval Bottle: This 2 oz amber glass bottle is one of our Kaufman Container custom molds and also one of our stock items. For decoration, the front of the bottle is screen printed 3 colors, while the back of the container has a 5 color pressure sensitive label which includes tactile print. This innovative type of pressure sensitive label allows you to actually feel the print.
  • 50 ml Airless Pump & Bottle: Our stock 50 ml airless bottle and pump is one of Kaufman Container's most popular airless packages. The body of this container is screen printed 5 colors and includes a metallic hot stamping foil. Both the screen printing and hot stamping were performed in-line by our new servo-driven machine. In addition to the bottle, the plastic cap is also screen printed 1 color in a creative design where it looks like the paint is dripping.
  • 2 oz Double Wall PP Jar: For this plastic jar, we decided to once again screen print 5 colors and utilize the same metallic hot stamping foils. Similar to the airless pump & bottle, we also screen printed the plastic cap 1 color. This was also completed on our servo-driven automatic machine.
  • All of these components are packaged securely in this 5 x 7 in cloth travel bag. These bags were printed 1 color and is equipped with a matching Blue zipper.

All of these packaging components were carefully chosen to show off our expertise. Please request a free sample of this decorating kit to truly appreciate how tight the registration is and contact one of our sales reps to discuss your next project!

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